Roofing FAQs

You don’t have to know if your roof has damage, leave that to us – the professionals! If a storm went through your area in the last 6 months you can call us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION inspection of your roof. Our specialists are training to recognize all types of damage from hail to gale wind storms. After we inspect your roof we will give you a full report of the damage and help you file a claim with your insurance company.
We will work with your insurance company directly to provide all the evidence of damage and fight for your approval. We have been working with insurance companies for many years and have the knowledge to speed up the approval process to benefit you – our client.
If you are looking to improve the value of your home and it is not covered by insurance, we also perform private pay services. Our financial department will work you to set up a payment agreement that works for you and your family.
This is a common question, as there are many different roofers. We always suggest choosing someone you feel comfortable with, as they will be in your home. You want to chose someone who is local and not just chasing the storm. We are a family owned and operated business that has been in operation for over a decade. We offer top of the line warranties and products for our clients. We have many awards and certificates in the industry to back our services and reputation.
Depending on the product you choose, we will provide the best warranty on the market. We use top of the line products that we are proud to stand behind and would trust on our own homes.
The best shingle for your home will depend on where you home is located, as well as the typical damage in your area. Our team of specialist will help you determine which roofing material will best help your home survive the next damaging storm. If you decide to go with a stronger, more durable tile roof, we will also determine if your home is able to sustain the weight of a tile roof and help get you the best product.
When our specialists come out for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION inspection they are trained to not only assess the roof, but also the exterior integrity of your home. We will inspect your gutters, siding, windows, and any other property that may have been damaged. We are trained to look for damage that could cause potential leaks and further damage to your home. We contract with Pella windows to offer you some of the best windows on the market.
Once we have insurance approval the process goes quite quick. Our team will request the appropriate team and materials for your project. This process takes about a week and then we will begin tearing off the damaged roof and start to repair with the new products. Your salesman will be in contact with you through
Absolutely. It is important for your roofing professional to know what the insurance company is saying. You want to remember we are on your team and fighting for you and your home. Knowing what the insurance company is saying will better allow us to ensure your they cover the damages of your home and to the full scope.
Your roofing professional should always meet with your insurance adjuster. It is our practice to always have a roofing specialist at your home when the adjuster comes to your home. By having your roofing specialist complete the walk through with your adjuster they can point out all of the damage on your home and be certain they approve the claim.
Absolutely. Your original insurance estimate is based on the lowest number the insurance company will pay out. Unfortunately, there are many other layers to the process of tearing off your roof and putting a new one on that will cost more than the original insurance estimate. That’s where we, the professionals come in, we advocate for you during this process. We will modify the original estimate to include the entire scope of work in the estimate and fight to be sure the insurance company pays for those services.
You are legally obligated to pay your deductible. If you have concerns about the amount of your deductible you can speak to our team of specialists about payment options.
When our roofing professionals come to your home for a free, no obligation inspection we provide an itemized list of all the damage found and which of those need to be replaced. Our initial report will help us to generate a much more accurate estimate to send to your insurance company. We use top of the line satellite imagery to provide estimates and will include the tear off and all layers of your new roof to make certain the roofs integrity is intact.
The cost to tear off an old roof depends on the current roof and how many layers of roofing material are on your home. It also depends if you are replacing your whole roof or just a portion. if only a small portion of your roof needs to be removed it will cost less than tearing off the entire roof. After one of our roofing specialists conducts a free, no obligation inspection we will provide an estimate that will include the tear off price. This price is also typically covered by your insurance policy. Leave all of that work to us, the professionals, to calculate the amount to tear off your roof and replace it.
We recommend getting 3 roofing estimates and see which company can offer you the best deal, as well as makes you feel comfortable. We are positive you will be happy with our estimate.
We can provide a rough estimate within a few minutes after we get off your roof and assess your roof damage. Our inspections are free and at no obligation to you.
When looking over your roofing contract you will want to pay attention to the warranties they offer. You will also want to take note on the dates for the project, specifically when the project should start and when it should be completed by. You will want to confirm your deductible price, as well. Another important thing to look at is the liability and insurance coverage of the company you chose. You want to be sure they are liable if any of the crew members get injured while working on your property.
Every roof could potentially last 20-40 years, however, because of acts of gods such as hail, wind, trees, or other unforeseen damages, even a brand new roof can be damaged and need replacing. Our roofing professionals have spent years in the industry and have seen hundreds and thousands of roofs over the years. We are happy to help guide you in the process to find the best roof for your area and your home.
When you are looking into a roofing company you want to be sure hire a quality roofing company. One with a good reputation in your area. We also suggest you go with a company that is local and licensed to work in your state and county. Another bonus is a family owned company so you know it’s not just a large corporation. Family owned companies are more likely to treat you like they would their own family, opposed to just another roof. You want to be sure the company is insured and offers good warranties. We are proud to say we offer all of those and are more! We are GAF Master Elite certified, we have an A+ BBB rating, and many other industry recognitions.
If a roof is leaking it is likely it will need to be replaced. We can help you inspect this roof and create an insurance claim to get your roof leak covered under your insurance policy.
This varies, as every roof and repair job is different, but after a free inspection our professionals can give you a rough estimate.
If there’s a leak on the interior of your home there is likely damage to the other layers of your roof, compromising the integrity of your whole roof system. Our professional can assess you roof and see the full damage. If your entire roof is compromised and not taken care of you will deteriorate the entire value of your home.
If your roof is leaking on the inside of your home you will need to get a roofing specialist in your home to fix it as soon as possible. Leaking roofs can cause serious damage to the structure of your home and the value of your home if not addressed rapidly.
If the damage to your roof is from a storm your insurance policy should cover the cost of a new roof. All you have to pay is your deductible.
It is possible to fix a leaking roof, but you want make sure a roofing specialist assess the damage before patching any holes. You will want sure proof the integrity of your home has not been compromised and doesn’t need further repair.
A your roof is leaking during a heavy rain it is an issue that should be addressed sooner than later. Call one of our roofing specialist for a free, no obligation inspection and we will give you a full report of the damage to your roof. Once we have assessed the damage we will help you file a claim with your insurance company to get you a new roof that doesn’t leak during those heavy rain storms.
Temporary fixes to your roof should only be used as a short term resolution. We can assess the damage to your home and do a temporary leak fix until we are able to complete the new roof process and get the construction underway.
Your homeowners insurance policy should cover a leaky roof, but every policy is a little different. We are happy to help you review your insurance policy and file a claim to get you a new roof.
If your roof is leaking at any time you will want to address is sooner rather than later. A leaking roof is never a good sign. By letting the leak to persist you could be causing more damage to your home and the structure.
Anything our roofing professionals do is included in the cost to replace your roof. Our inspection is completely free and we will work with your insurance company to get the roof replacement covered under your insurance policy.
Any time there is a storm that went through your area you will want to have your roof assessed for any damage. If there is any damage found, you should replace the roof. If the warranty of your roof is running out you should look into the integrity of your roof before the warranty expires. If the warranty expires on your roof and then it is damaged by a storm or begins to leak, your insurance company will be less likely to pay for the new roof. Once the warranty expires and there is damage, you will likely be left to pay for new roof at full cost to you.
The best part about hiring a roofing professional is you don’t even have to get on your roof to find out if it needs to be replaced. We will do it all for you. Our roofing specialist offer a free, no obligation inspection on your roof at any time. If we replace your roof you will be entered into our storm monitoring system and we will contact you any time a storm hits your area. Our team will call you after the storm to see if you desire to have a free inspection done on the roof to ensure everything is still looking good and there is no damage.
As long as your home owners insurance policy covers the type of damage found, the only cost for you to repair your roof will be your deductible. You will work with one of our roofing professionals to confirm the damages are covered and work with you the whole time to file the claim and get you a new roof.
A new roof will always cost money, however, if your home owners insurance policy covers damages to your roof the only cost to you could be just your deductible. Call one of our roofing professionals for a free, no obligation inspection and we can work with you to get a new roof for a very small cost.
Doing a partial fix on a roof is possible, however, it may not always be the wisest move. One thing to consider is making sure there is no unseen damage to other layers of your roof. You also want to make sure there are not other potential areas of damage that have not appeared yet. Another issue with replacing only part of the roof is the new fix will show and reduce your curb appeal. In some cases it may be wiser and more efficient to fix the entire roof rather than just a partial fix. One of our experienced roofing professionals can provide a free, no obligation inspection and help you file an insurance claim to replace your entire roof if the damage is covered under your insurance policy.
As a homeowner there are lots of things that may need replacing in your home. You want to be sure you are calling in the professionals for any large task, such as roof replacement. Our roofing specialist offer a free, no obligation roof inspection at any time. We can determine if you need a new roof or if your roof is still in good shape. If we do determine you need a new roof, we are happy to assist in this process with your insurance company. The only cost to you would be your deductible.
Repair vs replacement will depend on the damage to your roof. Let one of our roofing professionals help you decide. We offer free, no obligation inspections and will provide a you with a full report and discuss all options with you to determine which route is best for your home.
Depending on your policy, a new roof should be covered. One of our specialist would be happy to review your homeowners insurance policy with you to determine if it is covered and to what extent.
Your roof should be replaced whenever there is damage to it. This can be determined with a free, no obligation inspection any time a storm is in your area. We can assess your roof for all types of storm damage, such as hail, wind, or sand storm.
This all depends. A 30 year roof in theory should last you 30 years. Unfortunately, there are also unforeseen circumstances that can damage that 30 year roof at any time during its lifespan causing it to need replacement. Depending on the extent of the damage a 30 year roof may need to be replaced after only a year, others may last their full lifetime.

If your roof is still in good shape and still doing it’s job, a new or old roof will not increase or decrease the value of your home. A new roof can add to the aesthetic value and curb side value of your home, though.

The average shingle should last 30 years, but if there is a large storm that hits your home it could cause damage to your roof affect the integrity of your home. Call one of our specialists for a free, no obligation of your roof to inspect the integrity of your roof.

Unfortunately, you legally need to pay your deductible for a new roof. You can speak to our roofing specialist about a possible payment plan or other options for you.

It is not uncommon for your insurance company to deny a claim on a 20 year roof due to wear and tear over those 20 years. We will fight for your right to get a new roof. If you consistently don’t file a claim when there is damage, the insurance is more likely to deny due to wear and tear and you will have to pay for the new roof out of pocket. It is always recommended to contact a specialized professional to give you a proper inspection of the roof to see if there is damage and potentially file a claim.

If your roof is leaking you should call a roofing specialist immediately to assess the damage and potentially schedule a repair in the meantime. The leaking will want to be addressed as soon as possible so it doesn’t cause more damage and affect the integrity of your home.


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